Thursday, January 22, 2009

Concert flashbacks #1 - Billy Joel October 21 1978

This was pretty much my first concert. And I remember very little about it. It was at Kansas State University's Ahearn Fieldhouse. The half a ticket stub that is my sole souvenir reads Saturday 8:00 PM (ticket price: eight bucks!). According to the one website I found listing BJ tour dates - this one wasn't listed but he was in St. Louis 10/20, Omaha 10/22 so apparently he was talked into stopping in our fairly small town for a Saturday night gig in between. I'd been hearing his songs (mostly new songs from 52nd Street) on the radio and seeing them performed live was pretty cool. A couple months later my older cousin bought me the LP for Christmas... I don't think he even knew I'd seen the show. I remember: the familiar songs; no doubt he played a lot of unfamiliar ones too; he had a dark blue jacket but the K-State crew played a red light on him to make it look KSU purple; four of us went, me, Brad, Kerry and a girl I don't remember the name of. It almost seems like he played solo but I suppose I was too enthralled by the new experience to pay attention to the band.

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