Saturday, February 21, 2009

Riley Puckett and Google Safe Search

Warning: this post has no point.
For some reason I was using Google image search for pictures of Riley Puckett, an influential pre-WWII hillbilly guitarist/banjoist. Riley has a bit of a frightening aspect, probably partly due to being blind; he was blinded in infancy when a sugar of lead solution (which is too scary to contemplate) was used to treat a minor eye ailment. And back in those days it apparently wasn't practically mandatory for the blind to wear sunglasses like it is now. Anyway, every time I use Google image search it reverts back to "moderate safe search." Damn it, this is America, for the moment anyway, and I don't need a nanny filtering out all the tranny midget amputee porn. So I reset it once again to "no filtering" and whammo! - a picture of a three-way right in the middle of pictures of Riley. Did some porn star steal his name?

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